Indirect Taxes (i.e. Sales Tax, Excise, Service Tax, LBT etc.)
Review of the revenue stream of the company to assess the applicability of appropriate taxes.
Review of the agreement and documents with the supplier, vendors and customers to assess the applicability of indirect taxes.
Examining the availability of input credit of taxes paid on goods and services.
Verification of the compliance with periodic payments, returns and instances of deviations.
Examining the applicability of service tax liability under "Reverse Charge" as well as "Partial Reverse Charge Mechanism"
Suggesting different declarations to be obtained from service providers providing services under reverse charge and abatement scheme.
Analysis of the export and import transactions of goods and services.
Review of the Form 704 and annexure thereon (Yearly MVAT Audit report)
Review and suggesting accounting system to be followed in compliance with the indirect tax laws.
The cost reduction / value additive suggestions, if any, within the four corners of the law.
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